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Pump Motor Efficiency - Intelliflo Variable Speed Pumps

Replace your old pump with a variable speed pump and start saving a minimum of $550/year.

It's probably safe to say that no innovation in the pool industry has generated more excitement and discussion than the introduction of an intelligent variable pumps with permanent magnet motors by Pentair Water Pool and Spa.

Never before there been products capable of so dramatically reducing the cost of pool ownership. As a result, Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed Pumps had been a sensational success, tens of thousands are already installed as the industry discovered how they literally changed old pump designs, and it's also safe to say that the introduction of Intellipro and Intelliflo has to - put it mildly - rock other swimming pool pump manufactures.

The energy savings being meticulously documented by third parties are significant and in some cases downright phenomenal, even in light it's proven performance there's a good deal of misinformation and half-truths being spread about these remarkable pumps.

Pentair INTELLIFLO Variable Speed Pump

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