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Swimming Pool LED Lights, Orange County

What you need to know about your pool and spa lights by South OC Pools!

Swimming Pools and Spas LED Light Repair & Upgrades

Complete your holiday decorations with color LED pool and spa lights!

South OC Pools offers many different types of pool and spa lights: Normal white bulb, White LED and Color LED

Are your pool / spa lights not working?

First of all if your pool / spa lights do not work try resetting the GFI. This can be found near the outside control panel or near the switch for the lights. Sometimes the GFI can trip from rain or moisture. It is very important to have a working GFI. A bad GFI is a hazard and the pool should not be used if you have a bad GFI. If you have a bad GFI give us a call and we can replace it. When replacing the bulb it is very important to make sure the internal part of your light housing is completely dry. If there is moisture inside and the bulb is replaced, the old style normal bulbs get very hot. This will then create steam and pressure inside the light houssing. With all of this pressure you then end up with a leak in your light housing and when water gets inside the light housing it will destroy the bulb and and light housing. We do not recommend that the home owner replace the bulbs in the pool… it can be dangerous and you need a professional! Give us a call!

Replace Pool/Spa Bulb with LED Lights

If your light is not working or burnt out, we can simply replace the bulb. Before we replace the bulb it is time to consider upgrading to LED lights. When you upgrade to LED lights you will save on energy and the LED lights also lasts much longer. Consider the cost of replacing normal pool / spa lights compared to never replacing a pool / spa light bulb again after you install LED lights. When we pull the light housing out of the niche, we take a good look at the condition of the light housing. If it has rust or the cord is starting to deteriorate then we know that it is best to replace the entire light housing. Most of the time the light housing looks good and we simply replace the bulb. We do offer LED bulbs that will work with your pre existing light housing if it is in good shape. If the light housing is in bad shape then we install a complete new light housing weather it is normal pool light, white LED or color LED.

LED Lights Mode

If the above doesn’t convince you to upgrade to LED lights check out our photos of color LED lights. These lights let you choose any color you wish and they even have several party modes that cycle through colors. An example of one would be the “4th of July mode” where the color LED lights cycle through red, white and blue. There are several modes to choose from. Ask us about our upcoming holiday mode specials for your pool and spa LED lights.

Remote/Phone Controlled LED lights

We also have the ability to control the color of your pool / spa lights with your phone. This can be done by simply upgrading your pre existing system or installing an automation system which will then give you full control of your pool from your phone, tablet or computer.

Pool LED Light Upgrades

If you are having pool / spa light problems or even if you are interested in upgrading your lights give us a call!

South Orange County Pool & Spa Services Offers Pool LED Lights Installation, Upgrade and Repair Services throughout all of Orange County

Make an appointment today to complete your holiday decorations with color LED pool and spa lights! We are professionals and licensed!