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Swimming pool and spa upgrade services

South Orange County Pools can help install, repair and upgrade your swimming pool or spa equipments in South OC, CA.

Pool and Spa Upgrade Services

If your pool equipment has broken or your tired of paying high electric bills, it may be time to upgrade your pool equipment. The new pumps can save you up to $1500 per year. The New color LED lights can really show off your pool while use just a fraction of the energy to power the lights. You can control all of this with your smart phone, tablet or computer. Imagine changing the color of your pool lights with your phone. Most Automation systems can be upgraded without removing the entire system. This is an affordable way to get the latest in pool technology. No matter what type of equipment you have, your pool can be upgraded. The new pool heaters are more efficient. This means they burn less natural gas. If its time to upgrade your equipment give us call!

We can help you choose the right upgrades that will lead to a lower electricity bill, an almost silent pump plus much more. Pumps, Heaters, Motors, Valves, LED Lights, Energy Efficient Equipment, Salt Systems, Ozone Water Sanitizers We install things the correct way: easily accessable for the pool owner and logical installed for ease of future service and repair. I have seen some horrible installations that leave the pool guy / home owner almost no way to properly service the pool equipment. At South OC Pool service and repair we do things the logical and convenient way.

Pumps, Heaters, Motors, Valves and LED Lights

Complete your holiday decorations with color LED pool and spa lights! Prepare for Xmas! Contact us for your Swimming Pools and Spas LED Light Repair & Upgrads today!

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Energy Efficient Equipment

Salt Systems

UV + Ozone Water Sanitizers

PH + ORP Controllers

Zinc Anodes / Corrosion Reducer

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