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Swimming pool and spa cleaning services

South OC Pool & Spa Repair & Services offers pool cleaning service in orange county

Pool and Spa Cleaning Services

Here are some of the pool cleaning services we offer in South Orange County, CA. Reliable and Advanced water chemistry certified. We will never skip a cleaning visit. We use methods that have been proven in the industry to be effective in keeping water clean and clear while making sure your eyes and skin are not irritated.

we guarantee satisfaction. If you are not happy with our cleaning service you will not be charged. While we keep your pool looking its best... we will maintain the water chemistry as follows:

  • Alkalinity 80 to 120
  • Chlorine 3 (Taylor test kit)
  • Cyunaric acid 50 to 90
  • Salinity (salt level for salt pools only) All Pentair salt systems need to have a salinity level near 3500.
  • Licensed, bonded and insured.

Swimming Pool and Spa Cleanups

Weekly cleaning and Every other week cleaning. Satisfaction Guaranteed. We will go above and beyond the normal to make sure you are happy!

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Green Pool Cleanups

Tile Cleaning

Acid Washes

Read about the benefits of a Swimming Pool Acid Wash, how to and how often to acid wash your pool offered to you by South Orange County Pools & Spa Services and Repair!

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