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Swimming Pool Cleaning and Repair Service Orange County, Mission Viejo CA

Welcome to South Orange County Pools and Spa and Repair Service Company, Mission Viejo CA

South OC Pools, Mission Viejo is Orange County's most consistent and reliable pool and spa maintenance and equipment repair service company. We are located in Mission Viejo, California but we serve all South Orange County from Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, and Mission Viejo up to Lake Forest, Irvine and Huntington Beach. Contact Steve at South Orange County Pools today at (949) 243-4312. We will be happy you did!

If you're looking for swimming pool contractors in Mission Viejo, look no further. Steve at South OC Pools is licensed with the state of California to conduct all sorts of swimming pool and repair services in Mission Viejo. Not to mention, South OC Pools Mission Viejo is all also bonded and insured. So you don't have to worry about any liability! Any pool service in Orange County. We got you covered.

South Orange County Pool Service and Spas specialize in pool filter cleaning, acid washing, weekly pool services, pool equipment and heater repairs. We also provide complete pool and spa upgrade services.

Need to replace pool and spa equipment? Need to install new pool lights? Need pool cleaning, maintenance, and repairs? No problem! Whether you need a one-time filter cleaning service or a weekly pool and spa repair or service, acid washing, equipment repair or new pool light installation and upgrades. Whether you're looking just for pool repair service in Mission Viejo or pool cleaning service in Mission Viejo or pool maintenance service in Mission Viejo, South OC pools Mission Viejo is here to help. We handle it all from pool cleaning, to pool, spa and heater repairs, to maintenance, equipment installations and upgrades.

South Orange County Pool Service Mission Viejo looks forward to earning your business and your trust as your premier choice when it comes to pool cleaning and repair services.

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South OC Pool Service and repair Weekly Pool & Spa Maintenance

  • Test water for chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, Calcium hardness, Phosfates, Total Dissolved Solids
  • Add chemicals to keep the pool with in the proper chemical range (explained on our FAQ’s page)
  • Brush Tile, Walls, Steps and lights
  • Net debris on the surface.
  • Remove any debris form the skimmer basket and filter pump basket.
  • Vaccum the pool and or spa

Weekly Spa only service

  • Test water for chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, Calcium hardness, Phosfates, Total Dissolved Solids
  • Add chemicals to keep the pool with in the proper chemical range (explained on our FAQ’s page)
  • Brush Tile, Walls, Steps and lights
  • Net debris on the surface.
  • Remove any debris form the skimmer basket and filter pump basket.
  • Vaccum the pool and or spa

Are you a new pool owner? Do you need to learn a few things?

New Pool Owner instructions:
  • We can show you everything you need to know to do it yourself the right way the first time.
  • We can even clean the filter out while we are there and show you how while we are doing it.
  • We can show you what test kit to buy to properly test your pool water.
  • Set your valves in the proper direction and show how to properly adjust them and give you options for automation if you choose to upgrade to an automatic remote system.
  • Pool inspection - make sure everything on your pool is working properly.
  • Test your lights to make sure they are properly wired to a working GFI so they turn off if water gets inside the pool / spa light. This is very important for safe swimming with the lights on. All pools should have their lights tested a few times per year.

Energy Efficient Pumps, also known as Variable Speed Pumps

We are a certified installer! This means you will have a 3 year warranty from the manufacture. If you choose an installer that is not certified you will have no warranty!

These pumps run at a lower speed but for a longer length of time. They always have the option to go to the higher speed if you need it for Spa mode or for water features. These pumps can save home owners up to $1,500 per year. Imagine if you had the pump for ten years. You would be saving $15,000 at the ten year mark. What would you do with an extra $15,000 that came from your pool pump?

For more information on variable speed pumps click the links below.

Brochure: http://www.pentairpool.com/pdfs/intelliflosvrsB.pdf

Pump Savings Calculator: http://www.pentairpool.com/support/calculators/pool-pump-calc/index.htm

Pool/ Spa Inspection Service:

If you are buying or selling a home with a pool or spa, you need a professional to inspect the pool and all of the equipment to make sure it is working properly. We can also check to make sure the chemicals are within range of where they need to be.

Above ground spas

Is your Above ground spa not working properly? There will be a charge to troubleshoot the reason the spa is not working properly. We can usually do this for $85. This amount will go towards the repair if you allow us to complete the repair.

Spa Covers:

If you need a spa cover give us a call and we will come out and measure your spa and then give you color choices. Prices vary but we will give you a fair price!

Is your pool / spa heater not working?

Pool / Spa Heater Repair

If you need your pool / spa heater repaired, give us a call we can diagnose the problem and fix it right away. Common problems are failed igniters, bad pressure switches, clogged orifices, bad sensors or even rats chewing their way through wiring.

Ready to save some money on electricity?


Energy Efficient pumps

The new pumps can save you up to $1,500 per year or $15,000 in ten years, give or take a few thousand. We can install your pump for a reasonable price.

Color LED pool / spa lights

Not only do these lights just look amazing, they will save you money! We also have plain white LED lights. We can install your new lights for a reasonable price.

Automation / Phone / Tablet / Computer pool and yard controls

Imagine turning on your spa, the lights, the heater and your yard lights on from your phone. We can install a new automation system for a reasonable price.

Does your pool have stains?

Acid washing

We can inspect your plaster to see if it is in good enough condition for an acid wash. If it is we can drain the pool and give it an acid wash that will bring the original plaster color to life. It will really brighten up the pool and make it look new again! More about Acid Wash

Chlorine Washing:

Does your pool have bad algae stains? It may be best to do a chlorine wash first and then an acid wash after to remove any algae stains that are deep in the plaster. We can check the plaster out and make a decision of what your pool needs to completely remove the stains.

Does your pool / spa tile have that horrible calcium buildup all over it?

Pool Tile Cleaning & Repair Services

We find the best way for most tiles to be cleaned is with a high speed polishing wheel using abrasive pads. There are other ways to clean tile but when you polish the calcium off with an abrasive pad and then a polishing pad, your tile will have sheen on it that will make your pool look new again. On certain occasions, mostly tile with have calcium build up we may need to take further action removing the calcium sometimes using a bead blaster. After calcium is removed we have anti calcium chemicals that will not allow the calcium to form on the tile again! We put this chemical call “Scale Tec” in the water. It really helps prevent calcium buildup, and we have noticed it almost eliminates calcium buildup in the salt systems! We use a tile sealer after the calcium is removed. It protects the tile and gives a nice shine.

Does your pool need a new deck seal?

Mastic / Deck seal replacement

The deck seal is very important. When rain water or any water falls down into the cracked deck seal it will eventually cause problems with the construction of the pool. This is caused by the erosion of the dirt underground that is actually supporting your pool. It is usually $5.00 per foot to replace the deck seal. We can stop by to give a free estimate.

Is your pool water very old?

Pool Draining and new water chemical startup

When your pool water reaches about 5 years old, your TDS (total dissolved solids) will continue to rise. High TDS can cause staining and problems balancing the water properly. The latest solution is to call a company in that has a trailer with a reverse osmosis system that can properly filter out and remove the TDS from the water. This does cost more money but it does save water and it is the right thing to do especially when California is in a drought. The second way is to just simply drain the pool and add the proper chemicals to the new water. You must be careful not to add too much stabilizer / conditioner!

New pool?

New Plaster Start-up:

Your new pool whether it is plaster or pebble tec needs to have the water balanced. Something as simple as too soft of water can completely ruin a new pool. We can make sure your new pool has water that is perfectly balanced so there are no problems with the plaster curing. This is an area that South OC Pools has more experience than the competition. We have done hundreds of new pool startups in Orange County for the local builders in the area.

Does your pool / spa light need to be fixed?

Lighting for your pool / spa

It may just need a light bulb, but what about the GFI? We can make sure your ground fault interrupter is properly shutting off your lights when it senses a problem. You must have a working GFI with your pool / spa lights. If it is not working properly this is a hazard and the pool should not be used, even if the lights are off. The new LED lights can save you money! They use much less energy and they even have COLOR options. Combined with an automation system you can change the color of your pool lights with your phone or remote system.

Check out the savings calculator for LED lights! http://www.pentairpool.com/support/calculators/led-calc/index.htm

Is your filter clogged?

Filter Cleaning Service:

When we clean filters we make sure every part is in working order. The grids, o-rings, backwash valve, Air release, Pressure Gauge, internal air release. If any of these need to be replaced we will notify the home owner and we usually have these on our trucks and can replace them right away while we clean the filter. Make sure you have your filter cleaned at least 2 times per year or as needed. If the pressure gauge keeps rising this is a warning that the parts inside will actually crush from the pressure of the filter pump. The price for filter cleaning is $85 and any parts that need replacing is extra.

Did your pool turn green on you?

Green Pool clean up

There is always a reason the pool turned green. They can turn green over night if the chemicals are not balanced and if the yard fertilizer gets in the pool, it will turn green very fast. We can give you an estimate has your pool looking the way it’s supposed to very fast. We will even let you know why it turned green. We have test kits that can test for the common chemical in fertilizer. If this chemical is present we will then add chemicals to remove it from the water.

Is your pool remote not working? Tired of turning the valves by hand?

Pool / Spa automation troubleshooting and new installation

If your pool remote is not working, give us a call. We are experts in fixing pool remote controls. If you are tired of turning the valves manually we can give you an estimate on an automation system. The new systems even have the capability to control your pool using your phone / tablet or computer.

Salt Systems installation and troubleshooting

We can convert your pool to a salt pool. If you have a salt pool and your salt system is not working properly we do fix those and we are very good at it! It may be something simple as a bad sensor or not enough salt in the water. We can give you an estimate on a new installation or repairing your salt system. What we have learned to love about salt systems is that they can make the pool water last longer. If you compare the usage to a normal chlorine tablet fed pool, these chlorine tablets contain conditioner also known as stabilizer (cyunaric acid). When you keep putting tablets in the chlorine floater or feeder the conditioner levels in the pool will slowly rise. It will eventually get too high and you will have to drain the pool to avoid staining. The great thing about salt systems is when the salt is transformed into chlorine using electrolysis, there are no by-products. Just pure chlorine! This drastically lowers the rate at which the TDS (total dissolved solids rises) and makes your pool last much longer. Salt systems save water and they are less irritating to your skin and eyes!

Rock Pool Painting

Does your rock pool just not look right? We can re-paint it and make it look new again!

We can give you an estimate on re-painting the rocks.

Pentair Intelliflo Pump

Save on Energy Efficient Pumps

Click here to check out the savings calculator!


Savings Calculator
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