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Since 2005 South OC Pools has been providing service specifically to the South Orange County Area. We are a small business and can give each one of our clients the extra attention they may need to ensure 100% satisfaction. South OC Pools is an owner operated business.

Cleaning, Repairs, and Upgrades. We have you covered. Whatever you need we can make it happen. Whether its weekly cleaning visits, repairs, unusual pool maintenance situations. We can keep your pool clean and clear all season long.

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pool cleaning services

Pool Cleaning Services

Here are some of the pool cleaning services we offer in South Orange County, CA. Reliable and Advanced water chemistry certified. We will never skip a cleaning visit. We use methods that have been proven in the industry to be effective in keeping water clean and clear while making sure your more...

Cleaning Service
pool repair services

Pool Repair Services

We are more than capable of repairing any pool equipment. Our pool repair services include Lights, Pumps, Heaters, Valves, Automation systems, timeclocks, electrical and plumbing problems. We can repair it for you with an affordable and fair price. If your pump is making noise or your pool heater is just not working properly more...

Repair Service
pool upgrade services


If your pool equipment has broken or your tired of paying high electric bills, it may be time to upgrade your pool equipment. The new pumps can save you up to $1500 per year. The New color LED lights can really show off your pool while use just a fraction of the energy to power the lights. more...

Upgrade Service
phone and remote controlled pools

Phone & Remote Controlled

Most pre existing pool controllers (automation systems) can be upgraded to allow you to control everything about your pool. You can do all of this by downloading an app on your phone or tablet or logging in from your computer. The system works with the wifi signal in your home. more...

Digital Service
Certified Pool and Spa Operator Certification Courses

We accept phone calls and voice mails 24hrs a day every day.

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